Practex Management Consulting is the first firm that focuses on delivering soft skills & Management programs in a simulation-based training concept where we transform the absolute intangible into a practical attractive tangible experience that resonates with outstanding education and entertainment in implementation.

Practex follows the sole method of simulation-based training which encompasses a continuum of technology intended for training purposes. Simulation, in general, is any artificial or synthetic environment that is created to manage an individual’s (or team’s) experiences with reality.

Nevertheless, training is the systematic acquisition of attitudes, concepts, knowledge, rules, or skills that should result in improved performance; As a consequence, simulation-based training can be conceptualized as any synthetic practice environment that is created in order to impart these competencies (i.e., attitudes, concepts, knowledge, rules, or skills) that will improve a trainee’s performance.

Our simulation-based training concepts are simply one of the best approaches that particularly focus on providing trainees with the opportunities to develop and practice the required competencies and receive immediate feedback on their performance.